Tuesday, April 30, 2019

#NaPoWriMo2019 Inspiration's Best

Inspiration’s Best

For 30 days I have written
The poetry bug I’ve been bitten.
Daily prompts I’ve often followed,
Some with self-consciousness swallowed,
That Robert Brewer, and Napowrimo suggested
And Phil Kaye and Sarah Kay requested.
As time now runs out
A final poem I must put out
A word-smithed collection
Of impromptu inspiration.
The clock ticks down
But no words are found
So, I end as I been trained,
In speech it has been ingrained,
To finish with a summation
Of my best lines of inspiration.

  1. Her angelic touch imprinting a memory
  2. A permanent record of a living child, a survivor
  3. Yet petitioning prayers yield heavenly hints
  4. Then with each thrust of the wrist
  5. My heart is still going. I didn’t die during the night.
  6. If I could be me, I would speak.
  7. I give you virtue – to manifest humanity.
  8. Replanted row by row in scratched out soil.
  9. While placing offerings of food and water.
  10. Go skinny dipping with friends.
  11. While prayers echo off the walls
  12. The ridges and edges of a lover’s moistened skin
  13. Another 30 minutes. 30 minutes -30- ###
  14. Her fair cented heir flowing down to teas the heels of her fete.
  15. I fear that if you don’t take care, dear Jab.
  16. She stays up ‘til 2 or 3 – but only when it needs to be.
  17. A sister missionary posted a thesis on our door
  18. But instead, he is really quietly brilliant.
  19. Vaulting under timbers, swaying restfully.
  20. Searching skies for asteroids, astronauts, and airplanes.
  21. Who’s music sheets contain long periods of rest
  22. The clay castles in the concrete jungle have kept me busy.
  23. I love potatoes, but not microwaves.
  24. Horning in on flocks of hornbills at a watering hold.
  25. You are my Parthenon, my Basilica, … I am your Ponte Vecchio, your David.
  26. May I enter your courts with thanksgiving, shouting joy and praises to thy name?
  27. He knew me.
  28. Moments of meditation, mediation by modestly moving our minds.
  29. When little ones give gifts of dandelions or partial bites.
  30. A word-smithed collection of impromptu inspiration.

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