Wednesday, April 24, 2019

#NaPoWriMo2019 - My Identity

My Identity

I am KWH8-T4Z, son of 9VLY-VW8 and LJQM-8QS
Grandson of LZ89-3G7 and LZ89-3Y3, LZBB-1BV and LZB1-M95.
The government called us all 518s or 519s.
We lived in area 208 (and the area is still 208 today).
To reach me you asked for Cedar3-1580.
The mail came to RR3 83201,
My A1c is high, my BP is high, my LDL is low.
My account number and password are …
My recovery code is …
I have five active email addresses.

But alphanumerics are not who I am.

I am a tournament bowling and baseball winner.
I am a championship debater and oral interper.
I am a tabernacle singer and religious believer.
I am a strategic planner and crisis manager.
I am an assessment wizard and accomplished educator.
I am a PowerPoint pro and an early adopter.
I am an anxiety and imposter syndrome fighter.
I am a sexual being stuck in an old man's figure.
I am afraid of Lewy bodies, dentists, and being an airplane flyer.
I am lonely in crowds, and claustrophobia endurer.

I love cats more than dogs.
I love pineapple on pizza, but not chicken.
I love taco salads, but not with rice.
I love student work, but not grading.
I love driving, but not on flatlands.
I love showers, but not swimming.
I love naturist beauty, but not imposters.
I love riding trains, but not sidings.
I love potatoes, but not microwaves.
I love hugs, but not from strangers.

I am a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a husband,
I love you.

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