Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some things I don't understand

Some things I don't understand: 
  • Why is it a woman can be a president of a major university, but cannot be president of a local LDS Sunday School?
  • Why is it a woman can lead an international accounting firm, but cannot count the donations at her local LDS church?
  • Why is it a woman can be a justice of the Supreme Court, but cannot judge a simple LDS disciplinary council?
  • Why is it a woman can be a president of a country (okay, not yet in the U.S.), but cannot lead an LDS congregation?

There is much I don't understand, but these questions seem relatively simple. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thirty Days

Thirty Days
By David C. Price

Thirty days hath I written
Tho, it seems, no one listens.
Four thousand words I surpassed
Pulled from the heart and the ass
Personal thoughts and feelings
Never before been revealing.

Thanks to Lance and to Betty,
Out of three hundred thirty
Visits to my humble poetry post,
The only people to write me a note
Thanks also to three who liked
My Facebook page links.

I said I would write a poem each day
And so I continued, even when away.
The lessons are few but one worth noting
Don’t promise to do something
Unless you’re willing to do it
When nobody else seems to care.