Monday, April 05, 2021

The First Time


The first time I kissed a girl

She said I did it wrong.

(She told me eyes must be closed.)


The first time I kissed a guy

It didn’t take so long.

(I was really unprepared.)


The first time I wore a dress

A wig obscured my head,

(While rocking makeup, heels ‘n hose.)


The first time I saw a woman’s breast

A baby was being fed.

(I didn’t quite know where to look.)


The first time I proposed

She told me “absolutely no.”

(The second time she said “no” again.)


The first time I saw her glow

She told me she loved me so,

(And then I drove her home).


The first time I was engaged

She eloped and didn’t tell her folks.

(She didn’t tell me either.)


I’ve died a thousand little deaths since then,

Imagining places I’ll never know,

As age begins to take its toll.


But now I know to close my eyes,

To wear low heels and only glance, and

To not give up when first answered “no”.


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