Sunday, April 04, 2021

The Space Between

In the space between

Slide. Click. L-P-E-D P-E-C-F-D

Slide. Click. E-D-F-C-Z-P (maybe F)

Slide. Click. F-E-L-O-P (or is it B) -Z-D

Slide. Click. D-E (could be F) -F (two F’s in a row can’t be right)-P-O-T-E-C

Things begin to make sense

Slide. Click. Which is better?

As the blurry world comes into view,

Flip. Click. This one?

Facing life’s unclear choices,

Flip. Click. Or this one?

And negotiating unexpected corners.

Slide. Click. This one?

The ink and pixels, paint and light

Slide. Click. Or this one?

Give clarity to the road ahead.

Slide. Click. Which is better?

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