Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A poetic adventure

From the shade of a cedar tree
The valley below I could see
A clear view of a jabberwock
Galumphing down the city block.
It curved across the railroad track
Toward the children’s jumping jacks.
Oh my, how could this be
The children below were in P.E.
And didn’t see the danger lurk.

I turned a leaf to save the day
And found myself far far away.
In the valley below a baseball match.
Fans cheered as muddy tensions clashed.
Strike one, strike two the umpire yelled
But this time mighty Casey’s failed.
Oh my, how sad the scene below.
None are laughing, no one shouts
My little league heart is broken out.

I turn again some joy to find
When something rubs me from behind
But when I look there’s no one there.
A dusty coat and whiskers fill the air.
My milk is missing, my sandwich too.
This beast must have escaped the zoo.
Oh my, how strange this feeling is
Of things which are but I cannot see.
Could it be the mysterious Macavity?

A quick breeze moves me from far to near
From the flutter of pages new scenes appear
I glimpse wild geese, a purple cow, a shoe,
A snake, a hippopotamus, and thing two.
In the distance a gentle ring grows louder
As mother’s dinner bell calls me home.
My moose and I rise off the duff
And climb the dusty trail
Back to reality.