Tuesday, April 16, 2019

#NaPoWriMo2019 - A


She curls up in closed closets – but not when eating brussels sprouts.
She eats olives on each digit – but not if they still have seeds.
She wraps herself up in tight cloth balls – but not when going out.
She goes outside to trampoline – but not in thunderstorms.
She reads books of every genre – but not in iambic penta-meters.
She speaks with theatrical voices – but not on Broadway (yet).
She loves to play games with words – but not words that end mt.
She plays French horns – but not in fields of corn.
She plays in honor bands – but not on ocean sands.
She dunks and dives in pools of water – but not with alligators.
She laughs and giggles contagiously – but not in early mornings.
She has a mischievous grin – but not when she is sleepy.
She stays up late doing who knows what – but not on school nights, right?
She stays up late on school nights too – but not ‘til 2 or 3.
She stays up ‘til 2 or 3 – but only when it needs to be.
She likes to sleep in hammocks too – but not when it’s on her bed.
She is a master of escaping crowds – but not while anyone sees.
She is fearless with her fashion sense – but not at a nudist camp.
She is, some say, GGs mini-me – but not in size of feet.
She was a Holmes Hedgehog – but not past grade five.
She became a Lefler Lion – but not for very long.
She is a Knight in training – but not yet on a steed.
She has been to Maine and back – but not on a sailing ship.
She is graceful when dancing – but not with nieces under foot.
She tires quickly when being photographed – but not if you’re quick.
She gives the bestest hugs – but not if she is climbing trees.
She is a kind and beautiful and loving child – no exceptions.

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