Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Paintbrush

#napowrimo - April 16

The Paintbrush
By David C. Price

With a gentle touch the artist dipped the brush
In paints of blue and white.
Then drew a feather on each shoulder,
More fluttering down the crest.
The button on the left, a feathery fluff.
The button on the right, the nibble of a beak.
While down the valley in between
Strained the long goose neck.
The artist’s brush gently smoothed
The texture of the paint.
It tickled as the tail appeared,
Waved at the canvas hip.
A dip, a line, a claw was drawn
Hanging on the navel rest.
Then with a knobby brush
A softness was applied
To the birdhouse clean and fresh,
Reversed and re-applied
Until the canvas cried.

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