Monday, April 15, 2013

Crossing -- A concrete poem

One of my favorite assignments in oral interpretation is when we have group interpretation of concrete poetry. So I thought I'd do a concrete poem. I hope the formatting holds when this is posted. Enjoy!

Crossing – A concrete poem
By David C. Price

           oooooo          oooooo             ooo        oooooo    
          h      rn       h       rn         h    rn    h       rr   bl    bl
                                                                  rn ink  ink
           lcoalco                alcoalc                 oalcoa    nnnn
 oal   coalcoalcoalcoalcoal   coalcoalcoalcoalcoal   coalcoalcoa     ding
  lc   oalcoalcoalcoalcoalc   oalcoalcoalcoalcoalc   oalcoalcoalc        ding
 coa   alcoUPcoalcoalcoalco   alcoUPcoalcoalcoalco   coalUPacoal     ding
  al   lc372624coalcoalcoal   lc372714coalcoalcoal   lc371123coal        ding
 oal   oalcoalcoalcoalcoalc   oalcoalcoalcoalcoalc   coalcoalcoa     ding
  al   a light lcoalcoacoal  blink acoalcoalco blink olcoalcoalco        ding
       c gate—gate—gate—gate—gate—gate—gate—gate—gate—gate—gate—gate-ding
  lc   oalcoalcoalcoalcoalc   oalcoalcoalcoalcoalc   oalcoalcoalc        ding
 lco   alcoalcoalcoalcoalco   alcoalcoalcoalcoalco   oalcoalcoal     ding
E       HE             WH       LW            EL       EE
  L   W    E         L    E   E    H        E    W   H    L
W        L              E        E             H        W
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