Monday, April 01, 2013


#napowrimo 2013-04-01 

By David C. Price

The baby weighed at the hospital.
The babysitter at the door.
Playing in the neighbor’s yard.
Sleepover at a friend’s house.
Boarding the bus for the first day of school.
Camping in a friend’s back yard.
Loading the back pack for the overnight trip.
Bus ride to the away game.
First date.
Choir trip to Disney World.
Post-graduation all night party.
Summer road trip.
Move-in day at college.
Working during spring break.
Christmas with in-laws.
College graduation.
A job in a distant town.
Missing the Sunday phone call.
The wedding march.
The honeymoon trip.
The end of a family reunion.
A birthday phone call goodbye.
Grandfather’s funeral.
The worst phone call ever.
The hospital visit.
Amazing Grace.
The graveside.

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