Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Colorado Zephyr

#napowrimo - April 9, 2013

The Colorado Zephyr
By David C. Price

The rhythmic beat of steel on steel.
Naïve trees clinging to the rocky scar.
A child’s squeal at the running deer.
The wafting smoke during a 15-minute break.
A closing call to community dining.
Pine trees desperately holding snow babies.
The abrupt night at the mountain tunnel.
The burst of day at Moffat’s end.
Three letter tags create community.
The universality of the drunkard’s gate.
Waiting, waiting, beside an empty field.
Falling tombstones to telephony’s past.
Crossing calls of long – long – short – long.
A junked car wall taming the Big 10 winds.
Animal tracks on frozen Frazier.
Ice chunks running rapids.
Ghosts wave to the darkened passerby above.
A book, a nap, a camera flash, a quiet empty stare.
Silent echoes of pick and blast line the walls,
While angles of thick wire faithfully guard the DMZ.
Spruce to sage to cedar.
Yarmony, Bond, Dotzero, Allen, Parachute, DeBeque, Akin.
Cars and trucks dance along the skirts of virgin canyon walls,
Finally finding release at Glenwood Spring’s fiery nest.

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Unknown said...

I remember those railroad days