Monday, April 08, 2019

#NaPoWriMo2019 - C


Beloved, I gave you a mother,
In our names, you find a family,
But our earthly rotations are limited, and
My days are nearing completion, while
Your days of independence are just beginning, so
I bring you heartfelt gifts I wish upon you:

I give you faith – in a higher cause,
That your life transcends generations.
I give you hope – in a brighter future,
That your joy might be unlimited.
I give you courage – to stand for yourself,
That your sacrifices have meaning.
I give you strength – to endure life’s struggles,
That your weakness can be overcome.
I give you peace – to conquer the drive for perfection,
That you find comfort in who you are.
I give you charity – to have compassion on others,
That you embrace the weakest among us.
I give you virtue – to manifest humanity,
That you recognize the value of others.
I give you knowledge – to understand and explain,
That your service can be productive.
I give you patience – to empower family and friends,
That you may be found among the disadvantaged.
I give you my love – a love without bounds,
That you comprehend faith, hope, courage
Strength, peace, charity,
Virtue, knowledge, and patience.

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