Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Article Nine

Article Nine
By David C. Price

What important thoughts
Are cued to tweet above?
In my dreams I imagine
A Father with an active blog:

“My beloved children,
How silly you have been.
Do you think colored children are
Lesser than my Euro-friends?
I patiently sat waiting
For centuries of your tyranny
‘Til you caught up to me.”

“My dear sons and my daughters,
You’ve divided yourself in two.
Remember the great commandment
Conquered all the older queue.
‘Where love is there is the Father’
So it should be no surprise,
I love all equally, G, L, B, and Q.”

“To all my cherished children,
A moment won’t you spare?
Your pulpits, priests, and prophets
Can seem stubborn as can be.
I have a tweet to send you –
Let me know when you are ready
For women who pray and lead.”

“Oh remember all my loved ones,
Home teaching is a lesser law
Designed to make you care.
When you learn to love each other,
When you serve unselfishly,
You will need not be assigned
To visit neighbor families.”

“To those who play the games of men,
Who feel their teams and cities fright,
Recall the cross bled red not Pantone 648.
But really I don’t care who wins
My favorite play is on the heart.
The Cubs and Sox will have their day.
More Joe Dan Golds is where to start.”

“For those who measure success by wealth,
Who think I, God, lean to the right,
Recall a camel’s eye wanes to a widow’s mite.
I measure not by a 401K,
My child, just give it all away,
And upbraid receivers not.
A liberal gift is what I like.”

He revealed much more to me
Than can be here recounted.
I subscribed to His RSS feed,
And await more tweets reported.

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